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  • Our aim is simple: to build the world's largest exhibition space.

    Art should be made accessible to everyone and appreciated on a daily basis. We see walls in restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops, which could be filled with the artwork of talented artists.

    A Space For Art provides a platform where Venues can find art which aligns with their d├ęcor and client demographic. Venues also have the potential to monetize their space by selling art to their clients.

    The Three Principles of A Space For Art: If you exhibit the right art, on the right wall, in front of the right audience, you will gain more exposure and increase the chance of sales.

    Hatti Pattisson
    As an artist I want and need exposure to the right audience to sell my work. So with A Space For Art, I exhibit to large numbers of real people, in real life settings, ultimately selling more work. Hatti Pattisson, Artist
    Joseph Kirtley
    Art is expensive and difficult to source, so I use A Space For Art to promote artists, rotate periodically and monetize my empty walls Joseph Kirtley, Belgraves London a 5* Boutique Hotel

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