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  • Hanging instructions:
    how to hang & install fine Art

    Finding the right Space

    Select the right wall space. This means that you should choose wall space that perfectly fits your Artwork and which is safe from direct sunlight. This prevention measure is to stop ultra violet light from damaging the Artwork and to guarantee that the appearance and colour of the Artwork is displayed as desired.

    If you want to install several Artworks make sure that there is adequate space between the Art. This is particularly important when installing large scale Artworks. Every Artwork should be installed to complement the interior and atmosphere of the Space.

    To guarantee that the Artwork complements a Space, make sure to consider the colours. This may be the colour of the room or the color of the Artwork and frame. As you may know, colour schemes have a tremendous effect on the atmosphere of a room. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to understand the effect that you are trying to convey to your clients, whether it is a harmonious, contradictory or simply stunning atmosphere.

    Installing the art

    Installing Artwork at the right height can maximise the appearance of the Art. We suggest to install Artwork at least 150cm above the floor.

    If you have one piece of Artwork, centre it in the room or above the furniture. However, make sure that it is not in direct line with the windows or doors of the room.

    Protect your Art

    To avoid any further damages, please refrain from hanging Artwork close to heat sources such as radiators and heaters.

    Other measures to prevent damages, is to avoid hanging Artworks close to kitchens and bathrooms. Serious damages can be caused to the Artwork due to the higher humidity in these areas.