The New Hues of Blackness: An exhibition celebrating Black British artists

1 - 31 October 2021

Black British History defines a space in which culture, community and self-sustainability flourish.

"Black British history defines a space in which culture, community, and self-sustainability flourish.  I envision the entity that is Black British culture as an identity some in society know dearly, like a close relative, and others, a passing stranger, artistry, the craft and act of expression, is a safe space within this entity.


In analysing previous black history month exhibitions, critcisim has come in remarks of promoting multiculturalism rather than promoting an awareness and understanding of the history of the African diaspora.  An 'A Space for Art' black history month exhibition must aim to transform, Black British culture/heritage from a depository into a self-sustainable eco-system.  Similarly to the world of art markets and institutions.  In enterprise, sentiments of understanding, pride and reverence with the black community; the heritage this community venerates has been left shrouded under the guise of multiculturalism and post-colonial guilt.  In response to the progressive nature of our climate, I am most motivated by the ideologies of Franz Fanon.  As we, the curators, society's barometers of culture.


We, the ideological strays, are becoming the dogcatchers; instead of impounding and asserting dominance.  The newly accepted dogcatchers offer up space for their kinfolk, encouraging like-mindedness and a sense of cultural understanding".


Text by Eddy Akin